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Game Features

The object is to be the first person to move all the cards in your goal pile into the playing piles. This game is very similar to the popular Skip-Bo game, produced by Mattel. 

Guide To Spite & Malice

Spite & Malice is a game typically played with two players, although it can be played by up to four. The object is to be the first person to move all the cards in your goal pile into the playing piles.

In this article, we'll look at: 

The History Of Spite & Malice

Spite & Malice is based on the 19th century games Crapette and Russian Bank. It is a form of competitive solitaire and can be played with two or three regular decks of cards. 

How To Play Spite & Malice

The Deal

The game is typically played with two players with two or three 52 card decks. 

Each player is dealt 20 cards, one card at a time. The cards stay face-down in a stack and are known as a player stockpile. The remaining cards are placed into the middle as a draw pile. The top card of each player's stockpile is turned face up. The object of the game is to be the first player to play all the cards from your stockpile. 

Game Goal

The object is to be the first to move all your cards on the stack on the left (your play stack) to the center stacks.

As you use up your other cards you are dealt more. If you use all 5 cards in your hand you will be dealt 5 more cards. If your final card was laid to your holding pile you will be dealt cards on the subsequent round, whereas if you play all 5 to the center stacks you will get a redeal on the current round and can keep on playing.

This game offers both timed and untimed versions. The timed game has 3 levels with the first level lasting 8 minutes & each subsequent level lasting 30 seconds less.

Playing Cards

Cards from the stockpile can be played into the middle building piles. There are four building piles in the middle. These piles are started with an ace and are built up to a queen. Typically, Kings are wild, however in variations Jokers are wild.

In the building piles, the player with the highest ranking face-up card in their stockpile plays first.  A player's starts by drawing five cards which make up that players hand. A player can start a building pile in the middle with an Ace or a wild King. 

If a player puts all five cards out, they pick up five more cards and continue. When they put a card out on their personal discard area and have one or more cards left in their hand, their turn is over

Once a discard is made, the turn moves to the next player. That person starts their turn by drawing cards from the draw pile to make their five-card hand. On someone's first turn they will always draw five cards, but on subsequent turns they will draw however many cards are required. 

Building Foundations

The first card on a centre stack must be an Ace and then in ascending order up to the Queen and the card may come from your hand, your 4 discard piles or your play stack.

You also can play a card from your hand to 1 of the 4 discard piles. This will end your turn. Only the top card of a discard pile is available for play.

Holding Stacks

Typically it makes sense to place multiple of the same numerical card on a holding stack pile.

If you place cards in a different order there it is usually best for cards to be in descending order.

In this game you can use your holding stack and your opponent can use their holding stack. There is a second version of this game called Spite and Malice Extreme which allows each of you to play from one another's holding stacks in addition to playing from your own. In that version of the game you can pull from your opponent's holding stack but you can not lay to it.

Game Ending

The game ends when someone wins by playing the last card of their pay-off pile to the center (or, in this video game, when time runs out). The game can also end if the stock runs out of cards, in which case the result is a draw.

Spite & Malice Strategy

Blocking is a key part of this game.  This is when you opt to not play a card from a hand in order to prevent another player from playing their cards.

If you have the same card rank from your goal pile and hand, play cards from the goal pile first. In the end, only the goal pile matters.

If your opponent has few cards left in their goal pile, try to keep cards until you can make a series of plays.


The King is wild and can be used for any card.

Kings are valuable. Play them wisely. You do not need to play them straight away. 

If the stack shows a 3 and you lay a King the King will turn into a 4, allowing you to lay a 5. If you lay a King on an empty stack it turns into an Ace.

Lay Preference & Strategy

In almost every case possible you should use the play stack as your first option. Next you would want to play cards from your hand of 5 (so that you use up these cards and are dealt more cards to use the subsequent round) and then finally you would want to use cards from your holding stack.

Skipping a Move

There are some exceptions where you may not want to lay a card you could. You are not obligated to make a move onto the waste piles if you do not want to, but when you move a card over to your holding position it ends your turn.

You can see which card your competitor has on the top of their left stack, so your goal should be to do whatever you can to be able to lay your left cards without letting them lay theirs.

If laying one of your cards helps them get rid of cards from their play stack you may want to skip making that play.


How many cards are used in Spite & Malice? 

Spite & Malice uses two or three regular playing card decks with the Jokers removed, or Jokers may be retained and used as wild instead of the Kings. 

How do you win Spite & Malice? 

A player wins by using all the cards in their pay-off pile. 

How many people can play Spite & Malice?

It is typically played with two players, however it can be played by more people. If there are more than two people, be sure to use three decks. 

What are alternative versions of Spite & Malice?

There are many close versions to Spite & Malice. These include: 

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