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Play Hidden Kitchen Free Hidden Objects Game Online

How to Play


This game has you look for culinary equipment by alternating between levels based on commercial kitchens along with residential kitchens and living rooms.


Many objects are hard to see unless you zoom in & objects are not shown to relative scale.

Double tap on the image to zoom in or out.


This game shows 10 hidden objects on the right side along with buttons for hints, pausing the game, sound control, music control, and full screen mode.

The right rail aos shows how much time is remaining, your current score and what level you are on.

Level Time Limits

Each level is timed. The first level has a 5 minute limit. Subsequent levels have a 20 second shorter play time each to where the tenth level has 1 minute and 40 seconds to complete.

Incorrect clicks remove 5 seconds from your remaining time.

If you fail a level you can try it again & the items you find will be different on the subsequent play.

If you quit the game you will start back at the first level.


Each item you find is worth 10 points. Using the hint option costs you 50 pints. You also earn a time bonus of 5 seconds for each second you have remaining when you complete the puzzle.

You can use the hint button an unlimited number of times. Each time you use it the feature will try to find the item located at the top of your list.

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