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Play Circus Adventures: Free Online Hidden Objects Game

How to Play

Zooming In

Find all the hidden objects in the game. Click on an object to select it. Pinch or long click the image to zoom in or out. There is a full screen button in the lower left corner of the game just inside the sound control and music control buttons.


This game has 10 levels which are timed. Your score on each level depends on how quickly you complete the puzzle.

Each object you find is worth 500 points, each number you find is worth 200 points, each difference between images you spot is worth 200 points, and each second you have remaining is worth 3 points.


The level timer is shared as a single countdown for all 3 portions of the level.

The first level starts with 10 minutes and each subsequent level is 40 seconds shorter than the prior level.

Random click guesses are punished by removing 5 seconds for each click.

Level Structure

Levels contain 3 stages:

Each time you play a particular level the selected items and item order changes. At the bottom of the screen 9 items to find are shown for the hidden objects portion of the level. The hidden numbers portion of the level shows the numbers 1 to 30 and removes them as you find them. Then the bonus round shows you how many of the differences you found out of the 4 that exist.

Some of the spot the difference images are oriented the same whay while some are left is right mirror images of one another.


If you are stuck there is a hints button in the lower right corner which you can use 3 times per level. Using the hints button costs 100 points for each use.

In general it is best to save all your hints for the hidden numbers & spot the differences portion of the level as they are much harder than the opening hidden objects part.

Continues vs Restarting

If you lose on a level of this game you start back at the first level.

If you refresh this page just before failing a level you can still continue your game and restart that level without having to replay the prior levels.

If you find this game too easy but like this genre of game try China Temple.

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