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Play Free Animal Connection Mahjong Solitaire Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

Click 2 matching tiles which can be matched by a direct line or a line with no more than two 90 degree turns in it.

Connecting pieces may be adjacent, along the same edge, have a connection in the center of the playing field, or appear across rows as long as you can connect them with a line that turns 90 degrees no more then twice and does not touch any other tiles.

When no valid moves remain the tiles are automatically reshuffled.

Play Modes

This game allows you to choose between easy, normal and hard quick matches or play through a collection of 30 puzzles which you must beat in sequential order.

The quck match modes of the game are untimed while the puzzles levels are timed.

You can use up to 3 clues or piece re-arrangements in freeplay and request up to 3 clues. In the puzzles versions of the game you can use game experience to buy reshuffles and hints.

Pay attention to the game's background as it offers clues as to which way tiles will move or fill in when gaps are created. Some levels do not fill while other levels fill in whatever direction is suggested by the arrows on the screen's background.

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