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Play Free Hidden Princess Hidden Objects Game Online

How to Play


Many objects are hard to see unless you zoom in.

Double tap on the image to zoom in or out.

Using Your Turns Wisely

Find all the hidden objects... one group at a time!

You have a limited number of turns shown in the bottom right of the screen. For each completed category of objects you will get new turns. Try to find all objects of one category first. If you use up some of your turns across all the different categories then you will run out of turns before you complete any category.

Levels contain 10 shoes, 10 ribbons, 20 swords, 25 crowns, 30 numbers, and 30 roses. You start the level with 30 moves, so it makes sense to try to find the shoes and ribbons first then work your way up to larger catgories.

You would not want to start on number or roses as a single misclick or a single item hidden behind another item type would end the game!

I save the numbers for last as they tend to be the easiest to find.


Clicking where there is nothing will not cost you a move, but if you tap on an item group you are not yet ready to collect you can use up too many of your turns to where you can not complete the item you are already working on in order to work on the next group in the puzzle.


The fact that you have to go only 1 or 2 items at a time only increases the level of frustration as when you find most of an item class there are fewer of them remaining and you keep seeing the other remaining items you can't click everywhere.

This game offers 3 hints or finds per level where you can choose which item category you want the hint on, but this game is exceptionally difficult with items deeply blended into the landscape. Generally it is only worth using a hint if you only have 1 or 2 of an item type left.

Game Over

If you use up all your moves it is game over. You can continue a new game starting on the level you were playing.

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