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Free Online Zuma Ball Match 3 Video Game

Play Zuma Ball Online for Free

Starting Your Game

Click the yellow and orange play button in the bottom of the welcome screen.

The game also has buttons for help advice, high scores, more games and a language selector which is in the lower left corner.

The lower right corner of the welcome screen has buttons to share the game, develper information, and install the game as an app.

Game Features

This game has 10 levels. Inside each level there is a finite ball chain which moves toward the end of the level. Your job is to create sets of 3 or more balls in a row to remove them from the chain before it gets to the end. Your shots can create chain reactions where moving 3 yellow balls causes 2 green ball from one side to match with a green ball from the next side and removes those as well.

Look out for the pinball-like pieces. Some pieces you can shoot through and boost your score, while other pieces of the playing field will block your ball. If you have most the chain defeated and it is far away from the end of the level you can repeatedly shoot balls at the point scoring bumpers to pad your score.

If you create a large gap in the middle of the chain then the back part of the chain can move while the front disconnected part of the chain does not move until the other part catches up to it.

You can shoot balls outside of the range of the ball chain to get rid of them if a color pops up you do not like.

Your shooter aways shoots due north & you can move your shooter along a horizontal rail at the bottom of the screen to shoot at the correct location.

If you lose on a level you can replay it & your total score is cumulative across levels.

If you refresh your web browser or accidentally close the tab you are offered the opportunity to start a new game or continue your previous game.

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