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Free Online Fruit Drop Video Game

How to Play


Match identical fruits by dropping a fruit on another fruit of the same type, or by dropping a fruit in a way that causes another fruit to move across the playing field into another fruit of the same type.

Each time you merge a pair of fruits both of those individual fruits disappear & you create a bigger fruit.

There are 12 fruits in total, with their relative size shown before you drop them. You can only drop the first 5 fruit types and then all other fruits must be created from merging.

When you create a watermelon it is removed from the playing field and you can continue playing with the other remaining fruits in place.

You play until one of your fruits breaches the fill line.


This game has a single level of play where you keep playing until you run out of space.

Play Tips

Stable Stacks

Try to use the gaps between fruits to hold other fruits that are big enough not to fall between them and build back and forth to create stable stacks. Avoid stacking too high on either side without building up the other side & expect the side to push inward if you place 3 or more fruits atop a side without any supports pushing out from the center.


Each fruit pair you make is worth points.

A great score is around a couple thousand points, though some players have scored voer 4,000 points.

Game Controls

Tap the screen or use your mouse left click wherever you would like to drop a fruit.

Fruits drop straight down from above where you pointed, and keep moving down until they knock into something.

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