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Play The Palace Hotel: Free Online Hidden Objects Game

How to Play


Find all the hidden objects in the game. Click on an object to select it. Pinch or long click the image to zoom in or out.

There is also a full screen button in the lower right corner of the game.


This game has 10 levels which are timed. The first level has a 4-minute time limit and each subsequent level has a 10-second shorter limit to where the final level has a 2-minute and 20-second limit.

You must beat each level to unlock the subsequent levels. If you do not complete a level in time you can replay it.

Your score on each level depends on how quickly you complete the puzzle (or how much time you have remaining when you beat it). You can also go back to previously beat levels to try to improve your score on them.

Items are worth 50 each, meaning the max score can be 600 points for finding items and then 3 points per second for how much time you have remaining.

Play Tips

Each level has 12 items to find with 6 displayed at a time at the bottom of the screen. If you play a level multiple times the items you must find will change.

As a general strategy I typically like to find the items with unique colors or shapes that stand out first, then look for the harder items after I find the easiest ones.

Some items have a portion of them off screen. With paintings or foilage this often shows as a flat line in the item preview at the bottom of the screen, making it easy to know which edge of the screen the item is on. With other items like cups and flower arrangements someitmes you will see the whole glass or pot when part of it is simply off screen.

The item's orientation at the bottom of the screen can also yield clues as to which side of the screen it is on.

Some items are also hidden behind other items, so if you are stuck you can use the hints button in the lower left corner. Using the hints button costs 25 points.

Most items are quite easy to find on almost all levels other than the nineth level, which is significantly more challenging than the others due to how similar so many of the flowers are.

Random click guesses are punished by removing 5 seconds for each click.

Completing The Final Level

When you beat the final level you can submit your high score but it then erases all your game play data and you have to start back at the first level.

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