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How to Play


This game has a single level with a 12 minute time limit. Players may notice similarities between this game and La Belle Lucie.

All cards are dealt directly to the tableau in 13 columns of 4 (as opposed to 18 columns of 3 in La Belle Lucie).

Only the top card from each stack is playable.

On the tableau cards must be laid in sequential descending order, though suit and color do not matter.

If you clear a stack on the tableau you can only move a King to that stack.

On the foundations cards are built sequentially by suit starting with the Ace and working up to the King.

Once cards have been moved to the foundations they can not be replayed to the tableau.

If you are unable to make any moves the game will state "No possible moves!" in the lower left corner.


Consider how cards overlap when moving cards around. As you can only move one card at a time it helps to create an offset ladder so you can move cards across stacks to dig out other cards.

Try to get the Aces uncovered as quickly as possible and then move Kings to columns of their own while ensuring you do not build up any individual column on the tableau too high unless it is from King on down without any other cards stuck behind the King.


The controls for this game are in the right column.

At the top it shows how much time you have remaining and your current score.

Underneath these two is the undo button, which you can use to undo moves up to 3 times per game.

At the bottom of the right column are 4 buttons to pause the game, shift to full screen mode, control game sounds, and control game music.


Each card you place on a foundation is worth 50 points, for a maximum base score of 2,600 points.

You also score points based on how much time you have remaining when you beat the level. Each second you have remaining is worth 15 points.

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