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Game Features

Try to move all your cards to the foundations in this very challenging form of Solitaire. The game consists of seventeen fans of three cards each with a single card counting as an eighteenth fan.

Guide To La Belle Lucie

La Belle Lucie is a solitaire card game where you build the cards into the foundations. The game requires careful planning and is one of the most difficult versions of solitaire. 

In this article, we’ll look at: 

The History Of La Belle Lucie

This game was first outlined by Lady Adelaide Cadogan, in the UK, in 1870. However, the game originated in France. La Belle Luciealso goes by other names including Clover Leaves, Alexander the Great and Midnight Oil.

How To Play La Belle Lucie

The game uses a 52 card deck. 

Lay out a tableau of seventeen fans of three cards each.  A single card counts as an eighteenth fan. Only the top card of each fan can be played and the cards are face up and fanned, so that all cards can be seen. There are also four foundation piles, which start out empty.

Cards are moved to the foundations by suit in ascending order. Cards are moved to other fans by suit in descending order. When a fan becomes empty, it cannot be filled again.

When you are blocked, you can gather all the tableau cards, shuffle them, and lay them out in piles of three, with the last pile containing one. You can only do this twice. If you remain blocked, then the game is over. 

You win the game when all cards are transferred into the foundations. 

Video Game Design

All cards in the deck are dealt to the tableau, which consists of 18 stacks of 3 cards each.

Move all cards to the foundations by suit in ascending order. On the tableau you can move the top card onto another top card by suit in descending order.

This game has 3 timed levels. You score 10 points for each card you move to a foundation and 10 points for each second you have remaining when you complete the level.

The top of the screen shows your score, level number, and remaining time. Next to it are buttons allowing you to undo up to 3 moves, control music, control sound, go to full screen mode, or pause the game.

Comparing Levels

Each level is slightly different than one another with the levels getting harder as you progress through the game.

The first two levels are quite easy. The third level is quite hard. If you can tell a level is unbeatable you can refresh the page and continue starting on the same level with a new board.

On the third round of the game be careful not to lay two of the same suit consecutively on a stack with a lower card of that same suit higher up in the same stack. Doing so will make the game unbeatable as each card can only be laid on the sequentially higher suited card on the third level & you won't be able to move those cards since they are already in consecuitive suited order.

La Belle Lucie Strategy

Moves need to be planned very carefully. Be sure you have a plan to release underlying cards before you make any moves. For example, you can’t release any card under a king unless you can first move the king to a foundation. La Belle Lucie differs from Klondike Solitaire in that it punishes foolish moves by preventing the player from using cards that have already been moved once without requiring all other cards be removed again.

Try to get the aces to the foundation as soon as possible and create an empty column on the tableau so you can move a king to it.

Build down from the king and build up the foundations while trying to keep your options open.

Look to free the Aces as soon as you can. 

One rule that is sometimes forgotten is the appropriately named “Merci Rule”. This allows you to have one “cheat” per game at the end if you’ve exhausted all other opportunities at the end of the third cycle. This video game does not contain the cheat feature.

Due to the one-move limit for all the cards in the fans, digging through fans for low-value cards is foolish as it will waste moves. Similarly, don’t waste too many moves digging for an Ace. 


How many cards are used in La Belle Lucie? 

La Belle Lucie uses one deck of 52 cards.  They are dealt into 18 piles, consisting of 17 piles of 3, and one extra pile of 1 card. 

How do you win La Belle Lucie? 

You must arrange all the 52 cards to the foundations. 

How many people can play La Belle Lucie?

La Belle Lucie is a solitary game, although there is benefit in having two people play at once in order to share ideas.

What are alternative versions of La Belle Lucie?

There are many close versions to La Belle Lucie. These include: 

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