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Free Online Winter Solitaire Card Video Game

How to Play

Move all 52 cards to the foundations in order from Ace to King. You can move cards on the playingfield on top of another card by alternating color in descending sequential order. You can also move groups of cards if they have the proper sequence. You can move a King to an open spot on the playing field.

This game is similar to Klondike, except all cards are laid to the tableau face up in 13 stacks. The game uses a unique playing field design while cards contain cute characters like polar bears, penguins and snowmen.

The left side of the screen contains the 4 foundations along with a full screen button and a no sound button.

The right sside of the screen shows which of the 3 levels you are on, how much time you have remaining, and your current score.

Beneath these data points are 4 buttons to pause the game, undo up to 3 moves, and adjust sound or music individually.

The initial level gives you 5 minutes to beat it and each card you lay to a foundation is worth 10 points, for a maximum card score of 520 points per level. The time limit makes the game somewhat tough unless you are quick as you have to manually move all cards across to the foundations. If you finish the puzzle quickly most of your overall score will be from the time bonus. With only 4 seconds remaining the time bonus on the first level was 740 points. You get 20 fewer seconds to beat each subsequent level. Your total play score is cumulative across all three levels.

Any card or descending stack of cards can be moved to an open place on the tableau. Cards laid to the foundations can not be played back to the tableau.

The keys to beating this game are:

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