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Free Online Wild West Solitaire Card Video Game

How to Play

This is a western themed solitaire game. The game has 3 timed levels. The first level has 6 minutes, with subsequent levels being a minute shorter.

Each card you move to a foundation is worth 10 points, for a maximum based score of 520 points. Each second you have remaining when you beat the level is worth 150 points. If you had 2 minutes remaining the time bonus would be 18,000.

The upper left corner of the game contains a full screen mode button. The right rail of the game shows current level, remaining time, and cumulative game score. At the bottom of the right rail there are 4 buttons for puasing the game, undoing up to 3 moves, controlling game sounds, and music control.

Build the four foundations in suit from ace to king. Cards in the tableau can be played on top of another in sequence down, while alternating suit color. You can place any card on an empty spot in the tableau.

Cards do not automatically move to the foundations, though you can double click them to move them instead of dragging them across. Once a card has been laid to a foundation it can not be brought back into the game.

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