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Free Online Texas Hold Em Poker Card Video Game

How to Play

Play a game of Texas Hold'em poker against 5 computer opponents. Try to outbet or outplay your opponents and win it all.

This game contains 5 levels, with 10 hands in each level.

In the top left corner there are buttons to pause the game and shift to full screen mode.

In the top right corner there are sound and music control buttons.

Across the top of the game it shows your level number, goal (or hand inside the level), and cumulative score from prior levels.

Your score is how many chips you have at the end of each round. When you start the next round you are given a custom number of chips. For example, while you get 10,000 chips in the first level you start the second level with 12,000 chips.

On each level the goal number of hands increases. In the first level you needed to be dealt 10 hands while in the second level you need to be dealt 12, the third level 14, and so on.

At the bottom of the screen there are bettting buttons

The current pot amount is shown in the center of the table to the right.

If the button is blue it means you can use it. If it is gray you can not.

If a player's icon is colorful they are in the hand, if it is gray they are out.

After each round you can click a blue button in the center of the screen to deal the next hand.

When a player runs out of chips they are out of the hand. If you go all in and lose then it is game over and you start back at the first level.

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