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How to Play


Remove all cards from the tableau by selecting open cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card. Click on the stock (next card) to get a new open card.

This is 15-level game with a 2-minit limit on each level.

Rather than using the tradtional overlapping pyramids layout each level has a unique layout.

This game contains Joker cards scattered throughout the reserves and tableau. A Joker is a wild card can be laid at any time and you can then play whichever card you like next.

Click on cards to remove them from the playing field. Click on the reserves to view the next reserve card.


Almost all of your level score is not for removing cards, but for how many cards you have remaining in reserves

This game favors speed & efficiency based on how much you earn for having cards left in reserves and time remaining.

It generally makes sense to use Jokers early to open up the level design. Try to work on either which parts of levels are the deepest first or if there is a string of conseecutive cards which allows you to open up a lot of the level start there.

If you have a Joker on the tableau with no cards underneath it and there are a couple other nonsequential cards remaining then wait to use the Joker on the last remaning card.

Game Controls

At the top of the right column there is a full screen mode button and a game pause button. Underneath those 2 buttons it shows your current cumulative game score, your level, and how much time you have remaining.

There are three buttons at the bottom of the right column to undo moves, and control sound or music.

You can undo up to 2 moves per round.


Each card you remove from the playing field is worth 100 points. This game does not offer a consecutive chain multiple.

Each unused reserve card is worth 450 points.

Each second you have remaining when you complete a level is worth 50 points.

Your score is cumulative across all 15 levels.


If you lose a level it will send you back to the first level of the game OR rather than clicking the "END GAME" button you can refresh your browser window, then click on the "Continue Previous Game" to replay the round you lost.

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