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How to Play


The object of the game is to move all cards off the tableau by removing cards which are one above or below the numerical value of the card on the top of the waste pile.

Click on a card to remove it.

When no further cards can be removed click on the draw pile to place a new card atop the waste pile.

The game has wild cards in it (the cards with the creature shown on the back side of the cards also appearing on the front side of the cards). When you have a wild card atop the waste pile you can lay any card on top of it.

In general it is best to lay cards which have many cards under them first so you open up the cards on the tableau as quickly as possible.

Game Interface

The waste pile is shown to the bottom left of the screen with the reserves above it. The reverses pile also shows how many reserves remain.

In the top left corner of the screen there is a full screen mode button.

In the bottom left corner of the screen there is an undo button.

Along the right side of the game it shows which level you are on, your score and remaining time.

Underneath these are buttons to pause the game, control game sounds, and control game music.


Each card you remove from the tableau is worth 50 points.

You gain 10 points for each second you have remaining when the level is complete. Each remaining card in the reserves is worth 200 points.

Using the undo button costs 50 points.


This game has 40 timed levels. Initially only the first level is unlocked & you unlock a level each time you beat one.

Unlocked levels show the level number in the center (& the score you earned on that level at the bottom if you beat it). Locked levels show the creature on them and the level number at the bottom of the card.

You get 2 minutes to beat each level.

The score which shows on the right side of the screen is the score for that particular level.

On the level select screen each level shows what you scored on it. You can replay any level from the level select screen to try to score higher on it.

It is generally easier to score higher on earlier levels in the game as later levels have more complex designs & require more plays to clear the tableau.

Your overall game score shows at the top of the level select screen. When you complete your game you can submit your overall game score to see how you compare against other players.

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