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How to Play


This is a tripeaks solitaire game where you remove the cards from the tableau which are one above or below the card atop the waste pile.

This game contains a uique spin in that as you play you earn gold coins which can be used to buy bunus cards at the beginning of each level.


The game has a full screen mode button in the lower left corner.

The right side of the screen shows your bonus cards (and how many you have of each) along with a pause button, your treasure savings, your level score, and buttons to undo moves and control game sounds or music.

Your waste pile shows the multiple near it if you have the scoring multiple activated.


You score 10 pints for each card you remove from the tableau. If you remove multiple cards in a row that creates a chain multiple, so the second card you remove in sequence is worth 2x or 20 points, and the third card you remove in sequence is worth 3x or 30 points.

If you use the move undo button it does not harm your multiplier, but as soon as you draw another card from the reserves your mutliple goes to zero.

Cards you have remaining in reserves when the level is complete are worth 100 points each.

Your regular score (excluding the reserves card bonus) reflects how much you earned that level and can apply toward buying bonus cards.

Bonus Cards

You can purchase 5 different kinds of bonus cards

You can get more than one of each type of bonus card and you can carry them over between levels.


This game has 41 untimed levels.

Initially only the first level is unlocked. You unlock a level each time you beat one. Unlocked levels have a goldish color whereas locked levels have a grayish color.

On the level select overview screen you can see your star rating and score on each level you have already beat, and can go back and replay a level to try to achieve a higher score or star rating on it.

Your total game score is shown at the bottom center of the game on the level select screen. When you finish your game you can submit your score to our high scores database.

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