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How to Play

Game Goal

Each player starts off with 14 random tiles.

Move all your tiles on the table in runs and groups. A run is composed of three or more, same-colored tiles, in consecutive number order. A group is made from three or four same-value tiles in distinct colors.


The top left corner of the screen tells you when it is your turn.

Across the top it shows how many tiles are left in the stack, how many tiles the computer has, your current score, and then offers 3 buttons for pausing the game and controlling game sounds and music.

The bottom left corner of the game has a full screen play mode button along with 2 buttons to sort your tiles by suit color or numerical value.


Click the 1 button in the lower right corner to take another tile.

Drag your tiles from the bottom onto the playing field when you can make melds consisting of 3 or 4 of the same numerical value OR 3 or more in numerical sequence of the same color.

On the initial play you need to make at least 30 or more points worth of plays to the game.

Melds which already exist on the playing field can be broken apart and placed into new melds.

Whenever you make adjustments on the playing field there are 3 buttons which appear in the bottom right corner of the game:

The game has wild crown tiles which can be used as a part of any meld. Be sure not to lay those until you can lay all your tiles.


You play this game against a computer player. Whoever gets rid of all their tiles first wins.


The game starts off with a score of 36,000 which counts down as you play.

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