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How to Play

General Rules

Build the eight foundations up in suit from Ace to King at the top of screen.

On the tableau cards are played in descending order with alternating colors. Stacks of cards may be moved across from one tableau column to the next.

Only the bottom card of each tableau column is playable unless they are descending in alternate colors.

When cards are playable to the foundations they are automatically moved across.

Empty columns on the tableau can be filled by any card or any descending run of cards which alternates suits.

The Deal

This game uses two decks of cards with 49 cards in the stock pile and the other 43 laid across 10 columns on the tableau.

When you can not make any more moves you can shuffle through cards from the stock deck 1 at a time. You can repeatedly go through the stock as many times as you need to.

Cards from the stock stack can be played to the tableau or directly to the foundations.


The way to do well in this game is to focus on creating an open column or two on the tableau to give you a lot of move flexibility, then get the aces to the foundations as quickly as possible.


Each level of the game is timed with the first level having a 14:30 limit, the second level having 14 minutes and the third and final level having 13:30 to complete it.

You score 10 points for each card you move to a foundation (for a max base score of 1,040 points) and 2 points for each second remaining when the game is complete. If you finish the game quickly the majority of your score will come from the time bonus.

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