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Starting Your Game

Click anywhere on the game welcome screen to start your game.

There is a sound control button in the upper left corner.

Playing Basics

Moving Pieces

At the bottom of the screen there are 3 pieces you can drag into the playing field.

If the pieces are colorful it means there is a place they can fit. If they are not colorful you need to either drag a piece to the hold position and turn it so it filts, or re-roll to get a new piece.

Unlike Tetris, you can not rotate piece directions easily and repeatedly for each piece.

You can play any of the three pieces at the bottom in any order & can place one of those pieces in the hold position to get other pieces, then play the hold piece back into the playing field when there is a spot it fits.

Scoring Points

You score points for each piece you play.

You can make lines vertically or horizontally. When you complete a line the associated pieces are removed from the field and you also score points.

One square in from each corner is already prefilled, so it makes sense to try to fill out the edges around those areas early in the game so you can complete the associated lines.

When no more moves can be made the game ends.

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