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Free Online Sumjong Mathematics Mahjong Video Game

How to Play


This game is a fun way to practice arithemtic.

Select open Mahjong tiles which can be combined to create a functional valid equation.

Equations must be structured likeso:

You can make combinations as short as 5 tiles or as long as 9 tiles. Longer equations to earn more points.

When the game validates your equation the mathematical operators are computed in the correct order (e.g. division or multiplication before addition or subtraction) rather than being done left to right or top to bottom.


This game has 10 stages.

Use the tiles given to build equations and then select the OK button when you are done building.

If an equation is invalid nothing will happen when you click OK. Select the button with a left arrow on it to undo & rebuild again.

Build equations until you can not make any more.

Play Tips

Longer equations are worth more, but you can only match open tiles when building your equations.

Keep Your Options Open

Stones in the outer columns can be used at any time. The widcard arithmetic operators & wildcard number tiles can be used at any time, so try to use the other tiles first to keep your options open.


Your game score is the sum of your level scores.

Longer matches are worth more points than shorter matches.

You score more points on equations which include multiple arithmetic operators and those which do not use the wildcard tiles.

Using hints or manually shuffline stones costs 500 points.

Game Controls

The g game controls are shown on the right side.

At the top it shows your level number and cumulative game score.

At the bottom there are 9 buttons to control game sound, control game music, pause the game, switch to full screen mode, take a hint, shuffle tiles, unde a move, restart the level, and OK to approve an equation.

Save Your Zero and One Stones

Zero and one stones make it easy to use about any other number, as you can multiply by one, multiply by zero, or add zero to make easy use of other stones.

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