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Free Online Solitaire Mahjong Connect Video Game

How to Play


Match identical playing card themed stones to remove them from the board. Matches must be identical in suit and value.

Identical stones may be matched if:

When you match identical playing cards they are removed from the screen. Cards may then fill in the playing field in any direction, with the fill direction set on a per-level basis.


This is a 12-stage game. Each level can fill in cards in a different direction.

Levels do not show a clock for a timer, but have a timer bar which shows your remaining time in green.

If you fail a level you can try it again, though you can't go back and replay previously beat levels without starting the game over at the first level.

Play Tips

Pay attention to which direction tiles fill in and try to make matches in the opposite direciton, or matches on the far side of the board first. For example, if tiles filled upward it makes sense to make as many horizontal matches as you can early in the game & try to make matches from the bottom of the board first.

Corners & Edges First

Tiles near the edge of the board and in the corners are easier to match since they have pathways to many other tiles.


Each pair you match is worth 100 points.

While the game shows a timing meter rather than a clock, you score bonus points based on how full it is at the end of the level.

Manually shuffling the remaining tiles costs 500 points while taking a hint cost 300 points each.

Game Controls

The game controls are shown at the bottom.

On the left the game shows the current level number, cumulative game score, and remaining level playtime meter.

On the right there are 6 buttons to control game music, switch to fullscreen mode, manually shuffle stones, take hints, control game music, and pause the game.

Automated Shuffles

Whenever no tile matches remain the board automatically reshuffles, so if the board does not shuffle it means there is at least one valid move remaining.

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