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How to Play


The basic gameplay is similar to Tripeaks, where you try to remove cards which are one higher or lower than the card shown atop the waste pile until you have cleared the tableau of cards.

This is an extended and modified version of the game, though as while it starts with a layout similar to Tripeaks, the game continues upward. Off the start yiou see the ordinary Tripeaks layout but all cards in the initial Tripeaks set are face up. After completing the first set of Tripeaks there is a second inverted set with the cards face down.

This game has wild jokers which you can use at any time.

The reserves pile has a number underneath it which shows how many cards you have left in reserve. When you have exhausted the reserves you are dealt another round of reserves. On the first level you get 2 sets of 25 cards. On the second round you get a larger level and 3 sets of 24.


This game has 5 levels. Each level gives you 6 minutes to complete it, however as you move through the game you get fewer reserve cards and the playing field height grows taller.

If you lose on a level you can try that level again while retaining the score you had going into that level, or start the game over from scratch


The top of the right rail navigation shows your current level number, game score, and remaining time on the current level.

Underneath those data points are buttons to pause the game, undo moves, control game sound, control game music, and switch to full screen mode.


Cards you remove from the tableau are worth a base number of points, with there being a bonus multiplier effect.

Using the Joker or drawing another card from the reserves resets your bonus.

Clicking on a card you can not remove costs a hundred points.

Each second you have remaining when you complete the level is worth 2 seconds. The low value of time relative to creating a chain multiple makes the best way to achieve a high score is to keep chains going for as long as possible.

Your score is cumulative across all levels. You can submit your score whenever you lose or whenever you complete the final level.


The general strategy for Tripeaks is to work on the lowest parts of the level and try to work on all parts in parallel to leave many play options available until few cards remain.

The strategy for maximizing your score is to keep a long chain going and to stack bonus cards to boost points and keep it going. For example, if you can see a long chain of playable you may want to work on the cards which keep it playable even if you are leaving cards on lower portions of the level.

One tricky part in this game with having unequal columns is you can only fully see 4 or 5 columns of cards on the screen at a time & if your difference grows high it means not only that some cards remain deeply hidden, but you may also not be able to see the cards from the shallower stacks to be able to play them.

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