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Play Free Sea Tower Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play


This game is a single deck card game similar to Freecell, but two cards are already dealt into the free cells at the start of the game, and the remainder of the deck is dealt across 10 columns on the tablea.

Move all cards to the 4 foundation piles up in suit from A to K.

The 4 free cells can hold any card.

You can build cards down by suit on the tableau. You can also move cards already in sequence.

Free Tableau Columns


This game has 3 timed levels.

The first level is 10 minutes, while the second level is 9:30 and the third level is 9 minutes.

If you lose on a level you are given the option of replaying the current level while retaining your score, or starting the game over on the fist level.


The right rail of the game has the game controls in it. At the top is the current level, remaining level time, and the score.

Underneath those data points are buttons to undo moves, pause game, play in full screen mode, and sound and music control.


Cards moved to the foundation are worth 10 points each. You can also score 10 points by moving cards into a free cell.

Each second you have remaining at the end of each level is worth a point.

Your game score is cumulative across all 3 levels. Most of your score should happen on the first level given the ability to heavily cycle cards through the free cells to score extra points & move whole columns of suited cards without any free cell requirements.

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