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How to Play


This game is quite similar to Golf Solitaire, or perhaps, more apppropriately, Golf Solitaire Pro.

35 cards are dealt directly to the tableau across 7 columns with the remaining 17 cards dealt to the reserve, which you can use one at a time.

Remove all cards from the tableau by selecting open cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card. Click on the stock (next card) to get a new open card. You can also use the Joker if you get stuck.

The cards wrap, so you can connect an Ace to both a 2 or a King. The game also has wild cards which you can use at any point in time.


Try to work on all tableau columns in parallel while typically working on the longest one possible to try to preven yourself from having an uneven playing field.

This game does not have an undo button, so be sure which direction you want to play & that you are not leaving any open plays before clicking on the reserves for another card.


The right rail of the game shows what level number you are in, your current level score, and a timer which counts how long until the next card is automatically pulled from the reserves.

Underneath these data points there are 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen to pause the game, switch to full screen mode, control game music, and control game sound.


This is a 10-level game where players get a set amount of time to complete each move.

A counter on the right counts down until it reaches zero or you make a play which moves a card off the tableau onto the waste pile. As you progress through the game the counter starts closer to zero.

On the first level the counter starts at 285, but it goes down by 15 on each level to where it is down to 150 by the final level.

If you lose on a level you can retry it an unlimited number of times.

You can also replay earlier beat levels from the level select screen to try to beat your old high scores.


Each card you remove from the tableau is worth the number of points shown on the timer. So on the first level that is 285, on the second level that is 270, on the third level that is 255, and so on.

When you complete the level any remaining Joker is worth 500 bonus points while any remaining cards in the reserves are worth 100 points each.

Your game score is cumulative across levels.

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