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Play Free Santa Klondike Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play


This is a Christmas themed timed 9-level Klondike game.

28 cards are dealt to 7 stacks on the tableau with 24 cards in the reserves, which are dealt turn one. You can go through the reserves multiple times.

On the tableau lay cards in decending sequential order while alternating suit color.

Build ascending foundations by suit from Ace up to King. Cards laid to a foundation can not be played back to the tableau.

Any card or sequential run of cards may be laid to an empty column on the tableau.


This game is draw one, making it easier than standard draw three Klondike. Further, this game allows you to use the undo button an unlimited number of times and place any card or run of cards to open columns on the tableau, so you can test moving various cards to see which cards they expose underneath them when moved. In regular Klondike you typically want to remove cards from the tableau columns with the most cards face down on them, whereas in this game sometimes you can keep re-creating open stacks by working the shorter stacks first & then using the move undo button.

The available moves indicator can also give you a quick idea of which move works better between two parallel options.


Game controls are in the left column.

At the top it shows current level number, current level score, remaining level time limit, and how many valid moves remain given the current card configuration.

Undereath the above data points there are 5 buttons to undo moves, pause the game, switch to full screen mode, control game music and control game sounds.


This game has 9 timed levels with the first level giving you 6 minutes. Each subsequent level gives you 20 seconds less to where the final level gives you 3:20 to beat it.

If you lose on a level you can replay it again from the level select screen


Each card you place on a foundation is worth 50 points, for a maximum base score of 2,600 points.

When there are no cards left in the reserve pile the game will automaticaly move cards to the foundations, however you do not score the 50 points per card when that happens. If you are fast at moving the cards to the foundation you can leave one card in the reserves while playing the others manually to maximize your game score.

You also score points based on how much time you have remaining when you beat the level. Each whole minute you have remaining is worth 200 points and each second beyond that is worth 3 points.

The level select screen shows your score for each level you have beat and your cumulative game score. Your game score is cumulative across levels.

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