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Free Online Rummikub Video Game

How to Play

Game Inspirations

This game is a fusion of the card game Rummy and a Mahjong-styled tile game.

Initially you are dealt 14 tiles which can be laid onto the playing field. To meld tiles you need to create sets or runs.

Right Side Buttons

The right side of the game has a half dozen differnet buttons.

Left Side Buttons

The left rail navigation offers buttons to puase the game, control sounds, control music, and go into full screen mode.

Top of Screen Information

The top of the screne tells you how many cards remain in the stack, how many your computer competitor is holding, and what your current score is. Your score is based on how quickly you beat the game.

Making Melds

You can make melds using any combination of valid sets and runs.

After valid sets and runs have been laid you can re-arrange them to build other melds. For example, if there are 4 sevens melded together you could pull one of the tiles from that set and use it to create either a run or a second set.

You can also pull apart longer runs and break them into smaller runs so that you can add tiles in the middle. For example, if there was a run from 2 to 9 of clubs and you had a 4 of clubs tile you could take the 2 and 3 off the original run and add your 4 to make a 2-3-4 run while the 4-5-6-7-8-9 run remained in place.

Wildcard Tiles

The rightmost tile which has a circle with a crown on it is a wild which can be used as though it is any other tile suit & number to help you make melds. In general it is best to save that tile in your hand until you are complete so your opponent can't use it.

Ending the Game

The game ends when either you or the computer play all your tiles to the board.

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