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How to Play


This game is a unique spin on the game 31 based on riding a school bus. :)

Each player is dealt 3 cards off the start & has an opportunity to draw a card from the deck or take the top card from the waste pile.

Try to get as close as possible to 31 points of the same suit or make 3 of a kind for 30 points. Aces are 11 points and face cards are 10 points.

Draw a card from the deck or the waste pile and then discard a card. When you think you can win a round with the highest score in hand: stop the bus before you discard a card. The lowest score loses a bus token. If you loose all coins you have to leave the bus.

Whenever someone signals for the bus to stop all other players will get one more turn and then the hand is over.

If you finish in last place you lose one of your three bus coins. If you are the person who called to stop the bus and finish in last place then you lose 2 coins.


Try to keep higher cards and card which give you greater opportunity in your hand.

For example if you have the Qeen of Clubs, the Ace of Hearts, the King of Diamonds and the Queen of Hearts you would discard the King of Diamonds since your remaining cards would give you two different ways to get a high score: any Queen, or any Heart.

It is generally easier to get a card of the same suit than it is to get a third card with the same numerical value. 1 in 4 cards are in any given suit, so if you hold 2 Clubs in your hand you have a 22.4% chance any random card an opponent lays down being a Club and a 22.4% chance the next card from the draw pile is a Club. And if you miss getting a third Club you could still score something like 15 or 20 points for having 2 Clubs in your hand.

If you aim for a 3-of-a-kind and miss then you stand a good chance of only having 10 or so points in your hand. The odds of getting a 3-of-a-kind are much lower as well. Presuming you already have 2 Queens in your hand the odds of getting another one from a random draw are 2 in 49, or 4.1%. Further, if your opponent has a high value card in their hand that you need they may not drop it and if you are trying to make a set of 3 low cards then the cost of missing is even greater since your cards indvidually have such low value.

If you are playing to win the game call for the bus to stop early as soon as you have a decent hand where you are fairly confident at least one person will have a worse hand than you.

If you are playing to get the high score in the game you should wait to flag the bus until you are fairly confident you will have the best hand (at least when there are 3 or 4 players).


The game controls are in the right hand side. Your score is shown at the top of the screen, then there are 4 buttons for sound control, music control, pause game and full screen mode.


This game does not have standard levels, however each of the 4 players is given 3 coins. Each time a player finishes a particular hand in last place they lose one of their coins, so the game lasts for a maximum of 11 rounds (provided you are one of the final players and it goes as long as it possibly can). If you run out of coins early in the game then the game is over.

If you call for the bus to stop and lose that round then you lose 2 coins rather than 1.


Whoever has the high score earns their pip value times 100. If you have a score of 30 then you score 3,000 points.

If you are not the high score and are in second place with two players below you then you score half what you would have scored with your hand if you won. If you had 20 pips in your hand and somoene else was lower you would score 1,000 points. If you have an odd number of points it rounds up, so a second place finish with 21 would be scored at 1,100.

If two players tie for first place then each are treated as though they got a second place finish.

If you call the bus to stop and finish in second place with others finishing lower then you can score an extra 500 points.

Third place scores around 1/3 the points they would have scored if they had their same hand value but finished in first place.

Fourth place scores around 1/4 the points they would have scored if they had their same hand value but finished in first place.

Your game score is cumulative across all hands.

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