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How to Play


This is a timed 10-level game. Like traditional Pyramid Solitaire you pair cards which add up to 13 to remove them from the tableau.

Kings are discarded individually. Other valid pairs are Queen-Ace, Jack-2, 10-3, 9-4, 8-5, and 7-6.

You can pair multiple cards from the tableau together, or pair one of them with the card atop the waste piles or on the free cell.

Rather than cards being dealt one at a time with 2 open piles, in this game the 24 cards in reserve are dealt 3 at a time across 3 stacks. As you use the top card on a stack it resurfaces the card which was underneath it.


Try to work both sides of the pyramid to where you do not have one long area and the rest of the pyramid worked off already, or that will limit your play options & opportunities.

Try to keep the free cell open unless using it allows you to quickly make a pair to re-clear it, helps you make substantial progress on the pyramid, or helps you clear a card out of the reserves to surface an important needed card which was just beneath the top card.


The controls for this game are in the right column.

At the top it shows current level, score and remaining level time.

At the bottom there are 5 buttons to undo moves, pause the game, switch to full screen mode, and control game sound or music.


This game has 10 levels.

The first level offers 4 minutes to complete it with each subsequent level offering 20 seconds less.


Each 2-card match you make is worth 100 points. When you remove a King that is worth 50 points.

You also score points based on how much time you have remaining when you beat the level. Each second you have remaining is worth 35 points.

Your game score is cumulative across all levels.

If you lose a level you are offered the opportunity to replay it again.

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