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Play Free Pyramid Mountains Klondike Card Game Online

How to Play


This is a timed 5-level Pyramid Solitaire game where the tableau is organized as it is in traditional Klondike Solitaire. This game has beautiful music and scenery reminiscent of the Scottish highlands.

Pair up cards which add up to 13. Kings are removed individually. Other valid pairs include Queen-Ace, Jack-2, 10-3, 9-4, 8-5, and 7-6.

The reserves are dealt 3 cards at a time at the bottom of the screen in 3 stacks. You can pair cards within the tableau with each other or with cards from the reserves.

The level is beat when the pyramid is clear of cards, even if there are cards remaining in reserves.

You can shuffle through the reserves multiple times.


Since the cards on the tableau do not overlap you do not have to worry about that, however most of the cards on the tableau are face down, which means you typically want to work on the longest columns to the far right first.

When you only have one or two cards left on the left side of the pyramid you may want to leave them and not pair them off right away so that you can have the to pair up with other cards from the right columns as they are revealed.

Given that you can shuffle through the reserves again, you should prefer to remove cards from the tableau over removing cards from the reserves.

This game is quite easy so long as you remember to focus on the right columns first & always pair from the pyramid first whenever that option is available.


Game controsl are in the right column. At the top are buttons for sound and music control along with a full screen mode button. Then it shows your current level, cumulative game score, and remaining level time. At the bottom of the right column are 2 buttons to pause the game and undo moves.


The first level of the game gives you 4 minutes to beat it and each subsequent level gives you 20 seconds less to where you have to beat the fifth level in 2:40.


Each card you pair up is worth 50 points, making each pair worth 100. You score points for pairs from the tableau columns, pairs from the reserves, or a mixed combination. Kings which are removed individually are worth 50 points.

As you can go through the reserves mutliple times, you may want to wait to take the final card off the pyramid until after you have paired off all other remaining cards from the reserves to where you can score a base score of 2,600 before the time bonus.

You also score points based on how much time you have remaining when you beat the level. Each second you have remaining is worth roughly 30 points.

Your score is cumulative across levels.

If you lose on a level it will show a game over button. If you click that button it is game over. If you instead refresh your web browser you will be offered the ability to continue playing the level you were on.

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