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Free Online Plushy Animals Connect 3 Video Game

How to Play


Select a plushy animal by tapping the screen or clicking on it with your mouse left click button. Drag along to adjacent identical animals you can reach with a line. Connect 3 or more at a time to remove them from the playing field.

Each line connecting animal to animal must be a straight line which does not pass through any other animals, however you can repeatedly sharply change directions to connect subsequent animals to the chain.

As you remove animals other animals fall into the playing field from the top.

Periodically buttons with a green paw on them appear. These act like a bomb & blow up the neighboring animals when activated.


This game has 8 stages. Each stage gives you an extra 10 seconds to beat it and requires you to collect 10 more of each animal type.


You can maximize your game score by making long matches, as the score for making matches grows geometrically as you make longer matches with more animals in them.

You score points for matching both the animals required to beat the level, and for matching other animals.

You also score points based on how much time you have remaining when you beat the level, but long matched sets are the way to maximize your game score.

Your game score is cumulative across levels.

It is easiest to score the highest score on the earlier levels since there are fewer animal types on it, it is easier to reach the level goal, and you can make other matches for a while instead of making the final match to beat the level. As you get to the last couple levels beating the stages really is a race against the clock.

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