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How to Play


This is a single level Pyramid Solitaire game where players have 3:20 to complete the level. This game is significantly harder than the original Pyramid game due to how the reserves are dealt.

The reserves are dealt at the bottom of the screen in 8 stacks of 3. You can only play cards on the pyramid or cards in the reserve which are not covered by other cards.

Pair up cards which add up to 13. Kings are removed individually. Other valid pairs include Queen-Ace, Jack-2, 10-3, 9-4, 8-5, and 7-6.


Look out for areas where the matching paird card is directly underneath. When that is the case you will need to try to pair the card above it with another card to open up that part of the level.

In general you should have a preference for removing cards from the pyramid over the area at the bottom since the pyramid 7 levels deep and the area at the bottom is only 3 levels deep.

Once you have a column at the bottom which only has one card in it try to use other cards to make pairs unless you need to use that specific card, as keeping it around will give you more play options.


There is a full screen mode in the upper left corner. All other game controls are in the right column of the game.

At the top the right column shows your score and remaining time. Underneath these data points are 4 buttons to control game sounds, game music, undo moves, and pause the game.


Each card you place on a foundation is worth 10 points, for a maximum base score of 520 points.

You also score points based on how much time you have remaining when you beat the level. Each second you have remaining is worth 1 point.

Since all completed games will have the same 520 base score you get the highest score by solving the game as quickly as possible

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