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Play Free Pantagruel Double Klondike Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play


This is a 3-level game of Klondike which uses 104 cards per deal.

45 cards are dealt to the tableau across 9 columns, with the remaining 59 cards in reserves.

Build on the tableau in descending order while alternating suit colors, then build up the four suited foundations in acending order starting with the Aces and ending with the Kings.

Any card from the waste pile or other tableau columns can be placed on an empty column on the tableau.

Once a card has been moved to a foundation you can not move it back to the tableau.

The waste pile is at the far left and is parallel to the rest of the tableau columns. Click on the stock pile above it to draw another card if you can not make any plays.


The undo move button on this game can be used an unlimited number of times. That makes it easy to see what the next card is under each card when you test moving various columns on the tableau.

Initially you can go through the reserves multiple times, which makes it easy to play fast and loose across the first couple levels knowing that you can go through the turn 1 reserves again if you missed anything.

On the third level you can only go through the reserves one time, which means you have to be much mroe considerate when determing where to pull the card from. When you can only go through the reserves once try to get as many of the low value cards into the field of play as you can so it can help you build foundations.

In some cases the autoplay to foundations feature can be annoying, moving a card you would like to lay into the tableau to combine two columns. Use the undo button and place the card by hand, then you might need to use the undo button once more and lay cards over the top of it.


The right rail of the game contains the game controls. Across the top it shows your level number, current score and how much time is remaining to beat the current level.

Under these datapoints are 6 control buttons: pause game, undo move, turn off autoplay to foundations, sound control, music control, and full screen mode.


This game has 3 timed levels with the first level offering a 12 minute limit, the second level offering a 15 minute time limit, and the third level offering an 18 minute time limit.

On the first level you can go through the reserves 3 full times, on the second level you can go through the reserves twice, and on the third level you can only go through the reserves once.


Each card you move to a foundation is worth 10 points, yielding a max base score of 1,040 on each level.

Every second you have remaining when you complete a level is worth 10 points.

Scores are cumulative across levels.

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