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How to Play

Pair up cards of consecutive rank by clicking on both of them. Aces and Kings are consecutive. The deck wraps around so 2 is also consecutive with either Ace or 3.

Pair a Queen with a Jack or King, pair a 3 with a 2 or 4, and so on. A Joker can be used for any card. Try to save the Jokers for when it is absolutely necessary to use them & then try to pair them up with whatever card you have the most of showing.

8 cards are dealt to the tableau and 44 cards are in the reserves, which are dealt to the tableau one at a time as you remove cards.

Each of the 8 levels is timed with a shorter timer on each level. The first level is 2 minutes and 50 seconds and each subsequent level is 10 seconds shorter. The final level must be beat in 1 minute and 40 seconds.

You score bonus points based on how quickly you beat each level & each level must be completed to unlock the next.

On each level you get one fewer Jokers to use to where on the final level you only have 2.

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