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Free Online Merge the Gems Video Game

Play Merge the Gems Stone Merging Logical Puzzle Game Online for Free

Starting Your Game

Click on the play button to the right of the miner.

If you have played the game before you can choose to start from a stone value in increments of 5 for any stone value you have already reached.

The game has a tutorial button in the upper right corner and a sound control button in the lower right corner.

Playing Basics

Moving Pieces

You can drag a piece from any row (provided there is an opening above it or to one side of it) and merge it with another similar stone.

You can also move pieces out of the way to make other merges.

Merging Gems

If two gems share the same value are touching you can grab one and merge them together.

Each time you merge 2 stones it creates a stone of the next numerical value higher. The goal of the game is to try to merge your way up to 30.

Breaking Chains

Some gems are chained to a neighboring gem. If either gem in the chained set is paired up with another gem of the same value it breaks the chain.

Chained pieces can be moved together as a unit.

Sometimes the best way to break a chained unit is to move a piece alongside or even under it up into it.

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