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Free Online Merge Cakes Video Game

Play Merge Cakes Desert Merging Game Online for Free

Starting Your Game

Click on the blue button with the thumbs up on it to start the game.

The first playthrough of the game starts with a walkthrough. Tap on a tray to open it up and reveal the desert. Repeat the process & merge two of the same desert together.

Playing Basics

Free Deserts

New deserts drop onto the playing field every 10 seconds. You can tap the countdown bell at the bottom center to make them appear faster.

Plain desert trays have the default lowest level desert in them. Desert trays with a bow on them have a random desert from your unlocked deserts inside.

Merging Deserts

You can merge together 2 of the same desert.

Each time you merge a type of deserts together for the first time it unlocks another recipe.

All deserts earn income which can be spent buying additional premium deserts.


In the lower left corner of the screen there is a volume control button and a ribbon button. The ribbon button has a red exclamation point over it when you have unlocked a new achievement with a cash prize. You have to go into that section of the game and click on the claim button to grab the income.

Buying Deserts

In the lower right corner there is a shop button. Clicking on it allows you to buy deserts, though you can only purchase from the deserts you have already unlocked.

Purchased deserts are delivered on a golden serving tray.

The top left of the screen shows how much money you have saved, while the top right shows your inocome earning rate.

Underneath those two data points it shows a status bar that shows your current level on the left side and how close you are to making it to the next level in the meter.

As you increase levels it unlocks additional spaces on the playing field.

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