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Free Online Mau-Mau Cards Video Game

How to Play

Game Goal

Be the first player to get rid of all your cards.

This game is a shedding card game similar to Crazy Eights.

Play Basics

When on turn either play a legal card or draw a card from the stock. A legal card matches the top card on the discard pile in rank or in suit. A Jack may be played on any card and the player on turn must nominate a suit.

This game uses a standard 52 card deck and each player is dealt 8 cards.

Special Cards

In this game 7, 8, Jack and Aces are all special cards.


The Ace can also be considered a special card which requires you lay another card with it & prevents you from winning the game on an Ace, though those features are not in this video game.


Whoever gets rid of all their cards wins the hand.

Whoever has the highest card value remaining in their hand scores zero.

Players score the difference between their hand and a competitor's hand.

Most cards are valued at their numerical value with face cards valued at 10 and Aces valued at 1. If you have an 8 left in your hand at the end of the game it is worth 50 points for the other players.

Whoever has the highest score at the end of 4 hands wins this video game.


In the offline world when this game is played a player must say Mau when they have one card left & Mau Mau if they have one card left and it is a Jack. This video game scores all hands the same, though many players who play the card game count scores as double if the game is won by laying a Jack.


If you have a lot of a suit and you are trying to burn through them and have the 8 of that suit then throw the 8 as soon as possible so at least one competitor will be skipped and it will be your turn again that much sooner. This also prevents you from having the 8 stuck in your hand at the end of the game.

If anybody is close to being out of cards or the person behind you is beating you in the game overall be sure to throw your 7. Even if you don't win the game you can still score more points by the person behind you having more cards stuck in their hand.

Try to keep a card from each suit and cards of various values until you have used up many cards in your hand and only have a few left.

Try to save your Jacks toward the end of the hand as the fewer cards you have the harder it is to make a match & the more value there is to having the flexibility of laying a Jack then. Other than Jacks you should try to get rid of your higher value cards early in the game so you are not holding many points in your hand.

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