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Free Online Mahjong Sequence Video Game

How to Play

Match Sequences

To win the game you have to pair tiles according to the given sequence at the bottom of the screen. You may need to remove other tiles in order to make the tiles shown at the bottom of the screen be open, but the tiles at the bottom of the screen must be matched and removed as pairs in the order they are shown from left to right. Do not remove the final set at the bottom until all other tiles have been removed from the playing field, as doing so will lead to a lower score because the level ends as soon as the sequence at the bottom of the screen is complete.

Level Difficulty

This game has 50 challenging levels. Initially only the first level is unlocked and beating a level unlocks the next level. After the first level there is a free cell option which you can use to temporarily store tiles. On higher levels there are repeat tiles and you have to make more matches to complete the sequence.

You are graded on each level based on how long it takes you to beat the level and if you left any remaining tiles. You can replay previously beat levels to obtain a higher score. Each time you play a level tiles are arranged in a different order.

Game Features

Your web browser automatically records your progress, star rating, and level scores.

The welcome screen of the game has 3 buttons in the lower right corner.

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