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Free Online Mahjong Chain Mahjong Connect Video Game

How to Play


Match identical stones to remove them from the board.

Identical stones may be matched if:

When you match identical tiles the game will draw a line connecting them and then remove them.

As you remove tiles the remaining tiles may fill in a particular direction, with the fill direction changing by level.


This is a 12-stage game. In the regular version of the game there is a green timing meter at the bottom center of the screen. As time progresses the meter depletes & whenever you make a match it partially refills.

If you do not beat a level before the timer runs out it is game over.

You can't replay previously beat levels without starting the game over at the first level.

The game also has an untimed mode you can select from the welcome screen.

Play Tips

Corners & Edges First

Tiles near the edge of the board and in the corners are easier to match since they have pathways to many other tiles.


Each pair you match is worth 100 points.

While the game shows a scaled meter rather than a time counter, you can score bonus points by finishing the game with plenty of time left in the meter.

You can use up to 6 manual shuffles and hints per level, with you regaining a credit each time you beat a level & having a maximum carrying capacity of 6 for each.

Manually shuffling the remaining tiles costs 500 points while taking a hint cost 300 points each.

Game Controls

The game controls are shown across the bottom.

Automated Shuffles

Whenever no tile matches remain the board automatically reshuffles, so if the board does not shuffle it means there is at least one valid move remaining.

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