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Free Online Mahjong Battle Video Game

How to Play


Match identical open stones to remove them from the board. When you select a tile it is highlighted with a golden border & then it disappears when you select an open match.

Stones feature traditional Chinese characters and symbols like bamboo. All tile matches must be identical in the item they feature and the quantity of items featured.

Clear each stage of tiles before the timer runs out & score more points than your computer opponent to move onto the next level.


This is a 3-stage Mahjong Solitaire game where you must create pair matches worth more than what your computer opponent creates.

Levels give you 15 minutes to clear the board.

You can't go back and replay previously beat levels without erasing your game progress and restarting at the first level.

Play Tips

Open tiles appear in a lighter background color whereas tiles that are not open have a darker background color.

When your opponent makes a play the location of the tiles they used will be highlighted in a yellow border after their move has been made.

Plan Ahead

This game is as much about defense as it is about offense. When you consider making a match, also look at what stones you will be opening up for a match by your opponent. You want to force them to open up great matches for you. On your turn sometimes it is better to make a lower earning match if it means preventing your opponent from getting a great match.


Each number on the pair value you score is worth 20 points, meaning matching a pair of ones is worth 20 points while matching a pair of nines is worth 180 points.

You also score 100 points for outscoring the computer, meaning that if they score 133 and you score 137 you would have a point difference of 4 & that would add 400 points to your level score.

Hints cost 50 points each.

Game Controls

Your score is on the right side bottom of the game and the computer's score is on the left side bottom of the game. The right rail has all other game controls.

Watch the Timer

You have to beat both your opponent and the timer to clear the level. The board can only be beat after all stones are cleared from the stack.

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