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Free Online Mahjong 3D Time Solitaire Video Game

How to Play


Match identical open stones to remove them from the board.

A stone is considered open if multiple adjacent sides do not have another stone next to them.

When you select an open stone it appears in bright yellow and is shown in the upper left of the screen until it is paired.

You can select anywhere on the screen and drag left or right to spin the board clockwise or counterclockwise.

Clear each stage of tiles before the timer runs out.


This is a 50-stage timed 3D Mahjong Solitaire game where you must clear the board of tiles before the timer runs out.

The first level has a 3:50 timer. Other levels have different time limits, with the time limits reflecting the complexity of the board layout.

Play Tips

Clock Stones

Stones with clocks on them can be paird together & when you pair them the time is added to your remaining play time for the level. If you have 2 minutes left on the level and match stones which have a 36-second timer on them you would then have 3:12 remaining. The times shown on the clocks must precisely match each other for you to be able to match them as a pair. Matching the time clocks early will maximize your game score.

When you select an open stone it appears in bright yellow and is shown in the upper left of the screen until it is paired.

Turn, turn, turn

If you are stuck make sure you spin the board around to view open tiles from other perspectives. You can match tiles with other identical tiles even if one of them is not in view from the current screen angle or playing field perspective.


The level select screen shows what score you earned on each stage along with your total score.

You can replay previously beat levels to try to earn better scores on them.

Game Controls

The top of the game shows your current level number, game score, and remaining level play time.

On either side of the board are buttons to spin clockwise or counterclockwise. You can also select anywhere on the background and drag horizontally to spin the field.

The remaining game controls are across the bottom.

The lower left corner has sound control, music control, and full screen mode buttons.

The lower right corner has pause, hint, and shuffle stone buttons.

Automated Shuffles

Whenever no tile matches remain the board automatically reshuffles, so if the board does not shuffle it means there is at least one valid move remaining.

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