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Free Online Mahjong Dominoes Video Game

How to Play


This game is a fusion of dominoes and Mahjong. Match identical valued sides of open dominoes to remove them from the board. When you select a domino it is highlighted with a green border & then it disappears when you select an open match.

Clear each stage of dominoes before the timer runs out to move onto the next level.


This is a 60-stage Mahjong Solitaire game where you must create pair matches using the open sides of dominoes.

The first level gives you 1:23 to beat it. Levels grow more complex as you advance through the game & the level timers increase to reflect that.

If you fail to clear a board before the timer reaches zero you fail the level, though you can try it again.

From the level select screen you can go back to previously beat levels to try to earn a better score on them.

Play Tips

Open tiles appear in a lighter background color whereas tiles that are not open have a darker background color.

Plan Ahead

Since you can only match the open sides of dominoes it makes sense to match from the widest rows first. It makes sense to save dominoes which are on their own row for toward the end of the game since you can easily match either side. As you get down to a handful of dominoes left you can see which ones might be hardest to match and try to remove other dominoes in the correct order to ensure all will be possible to match.


Each pair match you make is worth 100 points.

Each second you have remaining at the end of a level is worth 30 points.

Hints cost 150 points each & shuffling the dominoes costs 500 points.

Game Controls

The right rail has all the game controls.

Double Dominoes

Dominoes which have the same number of pips on each side are teh hardest to match since they only give you one potential number match. Try to use them as early as you can.

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