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Play Free Kings Klondike Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

This game is a two deck card game where the goal is to build 8 suit-based foundations.

On the tableau cards are played in descending order while alternating suit color.

56 cards are laid across 8 columns on the tableau and 48 cards are in the reserves. On the tableau every other card is turned up, though only the bottom card is playable off the start of the game.

Game Features

In the lower left corner of the game there is a full screen button.

The right rail shows the current score, remaining time, pause button, move undoes, sound control and music control.

The game has a 20-minute limit.

Aces and many other cards are automatically laid to the foundations. When a card is laid to the foundation you can put it back in play onto the tableau.


The reserves pile is used in a turn one fashion and you can repeatedly go through it, so it is beneficial to try to play cards from within the tableau as quickly as you possibly can, as you can go through and play the reserve cards in the future but you can't play all the cards on the tableau until they have been placed face up.

If you can see an Ace or a low-digit value for a suit high up on a column & a higher value of the same suit lower on the column then it can make sense to try to clear that column away as quickly as possible.

Try to create an open column on the tableau as soon as you can, as you can move any card there (whereas in regular Klondike you can only move Kings to an open column).


You start the game with 300 points and can score around 20,000 by moving cards on the tableau and then to the foundations.

This game has a bug in it for scoring where you can move multiple cards back and forth between related stacks and keep racking up a higher score. For example, I kept moving a 8 and a 9 back and forth between two stacks that had a 10 and it kept adding 150 points to the game.

In addition to the play-based points you score 30 points for each second you have remaining when the game is complete.

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