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How to Play

Game Design

This is a 10-level timed game where you try to clear a pyramid of cards by summing cards which add up to 13.

The first level gives you 5 minutes to complete it and the remaining time declines by 10 seconds for each round. In the final round you must complete the game in 3:30.

The game end when you either run out of time (and lose) or clear the pyramid of cards. The pyramid has 7 layers with each layer having one more card than the one above it, for a total card count of 28.

Like traditional pyramid, only cards with no cards laying below them are playable.

This game uses a single deck of cards. 24 cards are dealt to the reserves with 3 playable stacks. Initially one card is on each stack & each time you request more cards a card is dealt to each of the 3 stacks.

Once you play a card on the top of a stack you can then play other cards under it.

Game Features

A free cell is provided to help you organize cards.

Any card may be moved to the free cell and the free cell card may be used at any point in time, clearing the cell for further use.

The bottom of the screen has buttons for sound control, pause, full screen, and music control. To the right of those buttons is an undo button.

The top of the screen shows what level you are on, your current cumulative score, and how much time you have remaining in the current level.


You score 10 points for each pair you make. Pairs can be made from the tableau, from the reserves, from the free cell, or any combination of them. Kings are worth 5 points.

You get a 2 point bonus for each second you have left when you complete the game.

To beat the level you need to clear the pyramid of cards, but you do not need to use all the reserve cards. You may have a card in the free cell at the end of the level.

Your score is cumulative across rounds. If you lose a round there is a button to end the game, which would start you back at the first level. Alternatively you can refresh your web browswer to continue your game playing on the level you lost.


Try to keep the free cell open for most of the game.

Whenever you see a card on the pyramid laying atop of the associated card needed to pair it off try to move the card to the free cell and quickly make a pair. If you see the same scenario with cards in your reserve stack and you know you do not need the cards on the pyramid any more then do the same. If one of your reserve stacks starts to get large and you need a card from under it you can move the top card to the reserve and pair it off then come back to it.

In general your goal should be to remove the bottom rows on the pyramid as early as possible and work your way up to give yourself the maximum number of play options while requiring the fewest number of consecutive moves to win.

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