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Free Online Jungle Connect Mahjong Video Game

How to Play

Match Tiles

This is a Mahjong connect game where you must remove tiles from the playing field by selecting tiles which you can draw lines between connecting them with no more than two 90 degree turns.

Level Difficulty

This game is quite easy and has 10 levels to it. You must beat each level to unlock the next.

If you lose a level you can refresh your browser window to replay the current level, or you can start again from the beginning of the game.

When you make pairs the tiles will typically slide in a particular direction in the game (e.g. up, down, left, or right), so try to make pairs near the opposite direction of the slide before making lower pairs or else pairs which were alingned earlier may fall out of alignment.

The corner pieces are the easiest pieces to make pairs with as they can make easy matches across or vertically.

You are graded on each level based on how long it takes you to beat the level and if you create chain bonuses by completing multiple moves in a short period of time.

The game does not tell you how many valid moves remain given the current board configuration, however if there are no valid moves left it automatically reshuffles the board for you.

Game Features

The remaining level time is shown in a meter on the left. Beneath that meter is a button to play in full screen mode.

The right side of the screen has a pause button, shows your current cumulative score across levels, states which level you are on, allows you to turn sounds on or off, and has buttons at the bottom to provide up to 3 hints or shuffle the tiles up to 3 times.

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