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How to Play

The Deal

This game uses 2 decks of cards with 36 cards on the tableau and 68 cards in reserve.

The tableau consists of 9 columns with 4 cards each. The bottom card in each tableau column is shown up along with the row one from the top. The other two rows are dealt face down.

Moving Cards

You can build on the tableau without regard to suit. You can also move any sequential descending run of cards even if they are not suited.

Empty spaces on the tableau can be filled with any card.

The reserve cards are dealt to the tableau 9 at a time, for a total of 8 deals. The first 7 deals are dealt one per column and the final deal only covers the first 5 columns on the tableau.

Create a suited run of cards from King down to Ace in descending order for that run of cards to be automatically removed from the tableau.

Game Features

The right side of the game shows the current score, remaining time, a pause button, full screen option, sound & music control buttons, and buttons to undo your moves or restart the game.


Thie game is timed with a 20 minute limit.

Each run of cards you remove is worth 130 points. Each second you have remaining at the end of the game is worth 50 pints.


Any card can be laid to an open column on the tableau, so try to create an open column or two as quickly as you possibly can as that gives you a lot of flexibility with sorting cards.

While you can lay any card on any other suit in descending order, it is easy to get distracted or miss potential moves when the cards are of the same color, so when you break suit if you can also swap color that makes it easier to stay organized by seeing where one suit ends and the next begins.

Whenever possible clean up runs of cards to match suit as much as you can.

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