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How to Play


Build a house of cards. Start by building walls using the blue markers across the screen to guide you.

A wall is made up of pairs of the same suit or value and you can use any card as roof. All walls need to be supported by pairs with equal or larger value, otherwise that section of your house will collapse.

There are 2 special walls: a wall of 20 points can be placed on top of any wall without collapsing it and a wall of 21 can be placed anywhere and also supports the walls below it.

An Ace paired with any card other than an Ace is worth 11. When 2 Aces are paird together they are worth 12.

Click on 2 cards to pair them up, then drag that pair over the blue markers to lay them in that location. After you build 2 sets of walls in parallel you can lay a wall on top of it and build higher.


Try to use lower value cards horizontally and higher value cards to build the walls.

You only get 5 cards at a time & get new cards as you use some, so try to keep using the lower value cards in spots that do not hurt you.

Try to use cards where you give yourself multiple play options while always trying to get rid of your lowest value cards on the horizontal roofs.

The game starts with a deck of 52 cards and the reserves tell you how many cards you have remaining. Once you use up a deck another is dealt.


The top of the screen shows your cumulative game score, current level, and remaining level time. In the top right corner there are 4 buttons to control game music, game sounds, switch to full screen mode, or pause the game.


This game has 3 timed levels with 5 minutes in each.

As you advance through the levels the card house you must build gets higher. On the first level you need to build 4 high, on the second level you must build 5 high, and on the third level you must build 6 high. This means you will likely achieve a higher score on the earlier levels as they are less complex and thus easier to complete quicker.


You earn 1 point for each second you have remaining when you complete each level.

If you lose a level you can try again.

Your score is cumulative across all 3 levels.

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