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Play Free Halloween Tripeaks Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

This game is just like ordinary Tripeaks except some of the cards use Halloween themed designs showcasing witches, mummies, frankenstein, and the grim reaper.

18 cards are dealt face down in 3 pyramids with 3 rows each, and then a bottom row of 10 cards connecting the 3 is dealt face up.

At the bottom of the screen there are 24 cards in the reserve which are dealt one card at a time. To the right of the card which is in play there is a bat card which acts like a Joker.

There are 10 timed levels in the game with each level having 50 lest sconds to solve than the level prior. The first level gives you 9 minutes and 10 seconds to beat it. You must beat the final level in under 100 seconds.

Game Features

In the upper left corner there is a button to toggle full screen mode.

The right rail of the game tells you what level you are on, your total cumulative game score and how much time you have remaining to solve the current level.

Underneath these features are buttons to pause the game, undo moves, and control game sounds and music.

You can use the undo button repeatedly to undo a series of moves.


Work on removing cards which are lowest on the pyramid and try to work on all 3 at the same time to keep a number of moves open. If you can get a streak or run of cards that can help you score bonus points, but it is also important to play as quickly as possible to finish on time on the past couple levels.

If you see three 5 cards showing then it would make sense to use a 4 or 6 to take one of them out even if you had an available run in the opposite direction.


When you remove cards from the pyramid each card you remove is worth 10 points unless you remove cards consecutively then you get a score bonus where the second card is 2x, third card is 3x, etc.

Each remaing card you have in the reserves is worth 50 points. If you do not use the Joker card that scores another 1,000 points. Each second you have remaining is worth 1 point.

Your total score is cumulative across all 10 levels of the game.

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