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Play Free Gold Coast Klondike Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

This game is a single deck Klondike card game.

On the first round thirty cards are dealt to the tableau across 10 columns and 22 are in reserves.

Each subsequent round has one fewer column on the tableau and 3 more cards in the reserve. The fifth round has 6 tableau columns and 34 cards in the reserves.

The 5-round game is timed. The first round gives you 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Each round is 20 seconds shorter, with the final round giving you 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

On the tableau cards must be laid in descending order while alternating suit colors. Like in traditional Klondike only Kings may be moved to new columns.

Game Features

The right rail shows which level you are on, how much time you have remaining, your cumulative total game score, and has buttons to control sound & music, pause or play, or switch to full screen mode.

Most cards will be automatically laid to the foundations so long as it is certain they will not be needed to hold other lower cards in another suit. You can also manually move cards to the foundations, though any cards on the foundations can not be placed back on the tableau.


This game is easier than traditional Klondike as each column on the tableau only has 3 cards in it, you can go through the reserves an unlimited number of times & the reserves are turn 1.

The goal of the game should be to turn all cards on the tableau face up as quickly as possible as when that is done beating the game is simply a matter of shuffling through the reserves and playing cards which can be played.

When all cards are face up the game itself will automatically lay most cards to the foundation while you shuffle through.


You score 10 points for each card you move to a foundation. Each second you have remaining when you complete the round adds 10 points to your score as a time bonus.

Your score is cumulative across all 5 rounds.

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