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Play Free Glacier Solitaire Card Game Online

How to Play

Game Design

This game is similar to Pyramid Solitaire except


The game has 40 timed levels lasting 2:30 each. Each level has a different layout.

At the end of each level you match a series of number dots on the screen which add up to the goal number in a bonus round.

Your points you score in the level are then used to buy parts of a mountain.

If you fail a level you can replay it an unlimited number of times.

Game Features

Across the top of the screen it shows your score, coin total, goal you are adding numbers up to, and how much time you have remaining in the round.

On the right side of the screen there is a pause button, buttons to control sound & music, and a button to switch to full screen mode.


Each level has a unique layout. Try to use the cards which open up the ability to play many other cards & try not to leave a card which requires you to make many consecutive plays.

If a card is not laying atop other cards try to see if there is another card you can use which is laying atop other cards.

Typically it makes sense to save your Jokers for near the end of the level, but sometimes it can make sense to use them early if doing so opens up multiple subsequent plays to really open up the playing field.

When you get to higher levels (say about 30 and up) you have to do a lot more adding 3 or more pieces together to reach the goal number.

If you fail a level and play it over again via the continue option you are given less time to replay the level. Another approach which works & gives you the full time is simply to refresh your web browser instead.


The big thing which differentiates this game from most other games of solitaire is the ridiculous bonus level which is used to earn coins to buy parts of a mountain.

The issue with that feature is all throughout the game it is quite easy until the last 3 or 4 levels, at which point in time if you do not earn enough in the bonus round you fail the level and have to start the level again. Worse yet, you do not get the coins from the bonus round, so if you are near 0 you may need to perform almost flawlessly to afford the piece of the mountain. After beating a level about a dozen times & then losing the bonus round about a dozen times in a row it is pretty easy to get pissed off at that bonus round.

Enusre you do well on the bonus rounds in the early parts of the game and buy the cheapest piece on each level so you build up a huge savings for the final half dozen rounds.

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