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Game Features

Gaps Solitaire is a solitaire card game where you arrange all the cards in suit from the two card up to a King. The game is dealt using all the cards, except the Aces, to the tableau.

Guide To Gaps Solitaire

Gaps Solitaire is a solitaire card game where you arrange all the cards in suit from the two card up to a King.

In this article, we'll look at: 

The History Of Gaps Solitaire

Gaps Solitaire comes from a long line of ‘Patience' games that originated in France and gained it name from being an “exercise in patience.” The name “solitaire” is  more common in North America. 

Napoleon was even believed to have “played patience” in exile. In  Scandinavian countries, the game is known as “cabale”.

How To Play Gaps Solitaire

The cards are dealt into four rows of thirteen. 

The Aces are removed. The gaps the Aces leave behind are filled by cards that are the same suit and a rank higher than the card on the left of the gap. 

Any gap at the right of a King is considered dead and no card can fill it. The empty spaces that remain are called gaps, hence the name. 

Any gap on the left hand side of the row should be placed by a two and the row should be built up by suit beside the two in sequence. For example, the six of Hearts can be moved up alongside a five. 

When there are no more moves, the round is over. 

At the end of a round, the cards that are not in order are gathered. The cards are then redealt, making sure there is a gap in each row at the immediate right of each suit sequence or at the extreme left of the row if no suit sequence is formed in that row. There are three rounds  and the game is won when all 48 cards are arranged in numerical order and in suits, with the gaps of each row beside the Kings at the extreme right hand of the row. 

Game Design

The game is set up with 4 rows that can house 13 cards each. When the cards are dealt the Aces are automatically removed leaving 4 gaps in the playing field.

Arrange all cards in the rows in sequence by suit from 2 to King.

You can assign any suit to any row, but when you put the 2 in the leftmost column of a row that assigns that suit to that row.

Making Your Moves

Each gap in a row can be filled with a card that makes a correct in-suit sequence with the card at the left of the gap (you build from left to right).

Any gap at the extreme left of the row can be filled with a 2.

Double click on a card to move it. Cards which can be moved have a blue outline around them.

You can reshuffle the deck up to 3 times. When you reshuffle the cards on the leftmost part of the playing field which are already in order remain in place while the other cards change positions. On reshuffles the gaps are all moved to 1 space right of however far you have built the 2 to x sequence in each line. If you have not put a 2 in a row then the shuffle gap will be in the first position.

When no possible moves remain the deck automatically reshuffles unless you do not have any shuffles left.


Each card you put in place is worth 10 points.

You also score a time bonus of 5 points for each second you have remaining when you finish a level.

Gaps Solitaire Strategy

This is a great game for younger kids because it is more about matching, than strategy. 

However, usually three or four plays are possible at the start of a game once you remove the Aces. Some plays will lead to a useless space behind a King, so try to avoid these. 

It helps to identify a card you would like to move and work back to see what other cards need to move before you can move that card.

Which Suit Goes Where

When deciding which 2 to place in the left columns first start with looking at what cells are around the 2. If the 2 is right of a King or another higher value card it may limit the potential play options it opens up.

Rows do not wrap, so whatever is in the rightmost cell is as high as you can go on that row unless you can move it or reshuffle.

If you have multiple potential piece moves try to be cautious with moving the piece right of a King unless you are fairly certain you will be able to move that King, as you won't be able to build up off that gap since the King is as high as a run can go.

In most cases you should not use shuffles manually but should play until the automated shuffles are required.

When you get down near the end of the tiles the order you play them may determine if it is possible to complete the game or not.


How many cards are used in Gaps Solitaire? 

Gaps Solitaire use a 52 card deck dealt into four rows. 

How do you win Gaps Solitaire? 

When cards are arranged from two through King from left to right in suit order, the game is won. If you can't make any more moves after the 3 rounds are completed, the game is lost. 

How many people can play Gaps Solitaire?

Gaps Solitaire is typically played by one person. 

What are alternative versions of Gaps Solitaire?

There are many close versions to Gaps Solitaire. These include: 


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